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〇Providing Whole Technical Scheme for Customer’s Project
According to customer’s request, we provide whole technical scheme for their project, including choice of processing techniques, equipment, as well as the choice of PU material and its quality control advice
〇Designing for Customer’s Request
We has a team of engineers, many members of them were trained by European company and are experts of PU foaming industry. So we surely can bring perfect scheme and design the updated equipment for the customers.
We provide training for customers about the content of machine operation, maintaining and relevant technology of PUR processing by lessoning and practicing.
〇Rebuilding for Customer’s Old Machine
We specially provide turn-key work (whole technical scheme, designing, equipment, engineering, training) for those customers who want to rebuild their old machine and make their plant meet the standard of non HCFC foaming production by using cyclo-pentane. So that makes their PU products be environment-protect in deed.
〇After Sales Customer Service
We have built a quickly response after service team who ensure the least cost of malfunction of your machine and other relevant problem.
〇Spare Parts Supply
The storage of our spare parts is perennial; provide any parts of the PU equipments produced by SET. We also provide the universal parts of world-wide high pressure foaming machine, such as metering pump, pressure switch, pipe and hose, fittings, ect.

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